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Videotrend Srl was established in February 2002, with the mission to import and market TVCC systems , through a professional distribution channel in Italy and in Spain.

The Company’s managing team has many years experience in videosurveillance market and products, and the Company is structured with technical and commercial staff of highly qualified personnel in order to offer professional, competent and timely service to our customer base.

Videotrend offers a wide range of professional and qualified videosurveillance products, intended for the Professional Channel Distributors. A second product line, ELE’, is dedicated to a vertical channel of Distributors, active in the Electronic/Electric market segment.

Knowing very well the importance of product reliability, and the related good image that it can bring to the company, Videotrend has adopted a severe test program that affects all new products.

Only after having successfully passed a 2 to 4 month internal test period, products can qualify and can enter the next edition of the Price Catalog, to be offered to our Customers in full confidence. The next test period covers the following 6 to 12 months, during which products are sold and installed in the field. In this period we keep under constant monitor the product, by screening all incoming warranty field returns (by RMA), providing, if necessary, all these collected quality information to the producer.

Even in our constant search for new products, for better performance and for better prices, Videotrend always tries to offer to his loyal Customers a continuity of supply. This is quite important in times of fast evolution and changing technology and Videotrend tries, wherever possible, to offer new products with equal footstep and back-compatible.

The very important technical post-sale support is guaranteed by a qualified staff of trained technical employees, answering dedicated phone lines, and working in our laboratory.

Videotrend offers also a comprehensive web site, with an area dedicated to registered customers, where it is possible to download all data sheets, technical manuals, product agency certifications, latest firmware and software updates.

Since July 2008, Videotrend has started its own production of DVR systems and we are proud to be the first firm to create a system of embedded video centralisation that it is able to interface with many different technologies and different Brands.

On July 2010 the "VKD+" series was born as the first DVR series completely assembled and developed by our Italian service.

Since September 2011 Videotrend has become the official Italian distributor in Italy of the important and accomplished brand Dahua.

Since February 2012 Videotrend has become the official Italian distributor of the brand Aver.

Videotrend represents in Italy the following brands of products:

Videotrend TVCC Dahua Technology Elè Aver
KTC Full camera IR Lab illuminatori e telecamere IR AOC LCD monitor

You will surely find our site web always adjourned with the inherent technical and commercial information to our sector (section NEWS) and remaining a point of meeting that, even if only virtual, it becomes always efficient and immediate.

In short, the image is everything for us.

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